Side Effects Of Internet addiction

Do you know the side effects of Internet addiction that make children mentally and physically weak?
Here you will learn how to put excessive Internet usage on the lives of students. Bad effects that affect their physical and mental development. Deepening effect increases the penetration of Internet addiction and social media to depression and insomnia.

side effects of Internet

Apart from food, cloth and house in this modern era of technology, there is another basic need for every human being that is coming out. It is not only for adults but also for children, even for a day like this. Of course, there is a lot of useful content on the internet, which is great for your work or business, and for your studies and any kind of school project. But in addition to all this, this boon of technology has been corrupted by some people by putting the wrong kind of content, which by using them has a bad effect on the mental state of the mind. Attract too quickly and get involved in the wrong activities. Whether there is a growing trend of social media in these misinterpretations, whether there is a growing cyber crime or gambling content by gaming apps like Blue Whale, these are all sites of profane content, putting all children away from courtesy, putting a deep mental impact on them. We are discussing this today in this article.

side effects of Internet

Let us know about the adverse effects of the internet on the excessive use of the internet, which are doing it with the real goal of life.

1. Internet addiction is the biggest threat

Internet addiction means the internet addiction is no less than any Intoxication addiction. Like a person who is addicted to any Intoxication, his brain loses balance, much like the person stays unconscious from the incidents surrounding him by excessive use of the internet. He is busy in his own world, whose direct bearing is on his mental state, and in personal life, relationships are becoming weak.Often we see children playing phones in hours or using social websites, and if such phones are taken for a while from the children, anger and irritability can be seen in commonplace due to Internet addiction. A sign of mental change can be considered.

2. The main cause of depression among students and teenagers is Internet

Recently, researchers have found that the excessive use of the Internet has been found to be the biggest risk of people suffering from depression due to excessive use of the internet. This situation has been found to be very dangerous especially among students and teenagers. The discomfort has also been seen in such people. Experts said that victims of internet addiction become so mentally disturbed that they have to face more problems in dealing with their daily tasks, so that they are unable to deal successfully with any tasks which may be due to their anxiety or discomfort. The reason is that the danger of depression begins to rise.

3.the addiction of the Internet make you Insomnia

Insomnia (अनिद्रा) disease that is often found in people who are either victims of serious concern or those who do not have the appropriate time to relax. But today the Internet, considered to be the most powerful Global System, is spreading insomnia disease among people. Because of the Internet addiction, kids like to have or use the spare time available for internet browsing during the big night, so that they can sleep for less. By chatting with friends every day and staying busy in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you will get the same habit that will not sleep if you want to sleep and this will be the beginning of 'Insomnia'.

4.Internet addiction stops physical development along with mental development

We all know that school education in school life as well as activities of other sports jumps are equally important. Full education means the mental and physical development of a student. That's why children are given breaks once or twice during school and a sports period is also kept in which the children can relax and relax their body and muscles. But Internet adaptation has made the children away from the meaning of sports. In the past, where children loved to go out and play with friends in their free time, playing the same kind of games, today children keep clinging to their computer or smart phone. This has a very bad effect on their physical development.

5. Internet addiction abuse students time

If talking about the negative effects of the Internet, then waste of time can be considered as the most important fact in it. Obviously, if you lose most of your time in the internet, then you do not have enough time to do other important tasks of the day. It will have an impact on students' studies, probably there is no need to explain here. While the real aim of the internet was to provide the students with appropriate and better material for studies, the ability and inability of students was spreading through its use.

side effects of Internet
side effects of Internet addiction