How To Make A Free Website Or Blog

Do you know in this Virtual World all people want to know how to create a website? In nowadays Digital Era, Virtual Property has a lot of importance. Digital Kranti and Digital India have boosted it a lot. In today's stage, step-by-step listening is that Online Form Fill up, Get Online Admit Card, Result Check Online, Online Aadhar Print, etc. What is the website? Why do people make websites and how do they? How do you earn money online from the website? Many questions come to mind all of you. If you want to know the answers to all these questions, then you are the right place. Here it is explain in detail.

How To Create A Free Website Or Blog

With the help of Google, you can create a website or blog without spending any money. Google has a service, Blogger. You can use this platform to create your website or blog.

What is a blog?

The blog is like a website but it is used by people to reach their personal views to the people. The user trying to publish something new on his blog daily. The word "blog" is a short form of English "web blog", which started in 1998. Blogger is a great platform where you can keep your points in front of the whole world as an author. Writing a blog is called 'Blogging' and who writes it called 'Blogger'

How to create a free blog?
What things do you need to create a website or blog on Blogger?

1. Google Account
2. Device (Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile)
3. Internet Connection
4. Basic Computer Knowledge

Tips - Now you have to follow the steps given below. Follow these tips for Create a Blog

Step 1- Connect your device to the Internet
Step 2 - Open Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc)
Step 3 - Open Blogger (Enter in the address bar and press Enter)
Step 4- Sign in to your Gmail Account (if you do not have a Gmail account, first create a Gmail account)

How To Make A Free Website Or Blog

Step 5 - Now you can click on New Blog
Step 6 - Now a new page will open in front of you, now you have to fill three fields and click on Create Blog.

Title: Enter the title of the blog which you want to create.

Address: Like the website is Just like you have to enter the address of your blog like I have given arlifetech Whatever address you give will be the URL of your blog (Unique Redirection Link) as the address of my blog is

Template: This is very important, whenever a new user comes to your blog, he first sees the design of your blog or website.

How To Make A Free Website Or Blog

Step 7 - Now your blog is ready.

Step 8 - This is very important for you and your online fame, friends read it very carefully.

Friends, you don't know how many people started their blog with Blogger Many people reached the peak that the world knew and believed to be both. But there are many such people who do not know anybody because they started but did not do it continuously. guys, if you have to make your identity in blogging World, then you have to work every day on your blog or website. If you did not do this, then your 7 Steps done by you are useless.