Is FaceApp Actually Stealing Your Data?

Face app is in trending nowdays. But some questions have been raised. Security researcher has said that it is uploading a photo library without the permission of the user.

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There was a tremendous trend in the Sarahah app once in India, in the same way, the trend of the face apparatus has begun. FaceApp - An application that is becoming quite popular in India nowadays. The news feed is full of photographs in which people are looking old. This app is not new, it has been long ago. But in India, it is in trend today. Actually, there are many features in this app, one of which is to show an old look.
According to FaceApp, the company does this by using Artificial Intelligence Technology. This app was launched in 2017.

Is There A Risk To Use It? Does This Take Full Access To Your Photo Library? Is FaceApp Stealing Your Data? Such Questions Are Rising In People's Minds.

This app is not just common users but celebrities now and because of this, it is getting more hype. This app uses a Neural Network to edit photos. Neural Network is a type of artificial intelligence. Not only this, but this app has an ancestor look, Tasks like gender swaps can also be done.

What Does FaceApp's Privacy Policy Say?

Whenever you use our service, our service automatically records some log file information. This includes information such as your web request, IP address, browser type, URL and how often you interact with this service.

It has also been stated in the policy that the company will not sell user data without their permission and neither will it be offered on rent. However, your data can be given to companies of the Face app group, because you have given its concert. According to the company's policy, if the company wants to give some information to third party advertising partners. These include cooked data.


Is This App Uploading Your Photo Library To The Cloud In The Background?

After this app became viral, some people said this on Twitter. However, according to security researcher Robert Baptiste, this is not so and there is no evidence of this. But obviously, the 100% permission of the photo you are editing is giving you that app.