Friends, you must have heard about different types of marketing in this digital era. Like social media marketing, content marketing, digital marketing or you have also heard about many types of marketing.

What Is Email Marketing

Friends, you must have also heard about E-mail marketing from all this marketing, which nowadays comes in a lot of listening and use. Friends, whenever you have heard about email marketing, a question must have come in your mind 'What is email marketing' and 'How is email marketing done'?

Friends, keeping these questions in mind, I will tell you today in this article what is email marketing? And how is email marketing done? And simultaneously we will also know what are the benefits of email marketing?
So, friends, let's know what e-mail marketing is and how to do it.

What is Email marketing?

Friends, in a very simple language, email marketing is a marketing tool through which any company or any person promotes their service or product by sending E-Mail to their customers and this is called E-Mail marketing.
What Is Email Marketing

This is just like suppose that the promotion of your product or service should be spread like a newspaper in different places. Earlier people used to use newspapers too but now everyone has a smartphone. Email marketing has started to be used more than ever.

What is Email marketing? To understand this, I give you a simple example and let me talk. This will be an example that you will get to see every day in your smartphone.
When you visit a website, you must have seen something written on that website, 'subscribe to our blog' where you have to give your email address and when you subscribe by giving your email address, then your eMail address is on that website. Goes to the one.

And as soon as your email address goes to them, they send you EMail about their service or product every week and this whole process is called eMail marketing.

Friends, by now we all know what email marketing is even till we understood with an example what is eMail marketing? Now let's go ahead and also know how to do email marketing?

How to do email marketing?

How to do email marketing? It is a question that you may be thinking that eMail marketing is done by sending emails to people, it is done exactly the same way, but all this is done on a large scale like sending 10,000 eMail more than this together.

Now, to send Emails so many people, the application of G-mail, which is in our smartphone, is not used, for this different Email marketing software is used. Apart from all this, a list of the Email addresses of active users is also needed for eMail marketing.

Friends, firstly I tell you what is email marketing software and what is an email list?

Email marketing software: This is a software whose eMail can be sent to thousands of people at once. MailChimp is an Email marketing software used by many companies.

Email list: This is a list of many active users' Email address. This list is used to send people to email to their email address.
Apart from email marketing software and email list, there is another important thing is that the theme means whatever eMail you send to your customers, how will it look and design? eMail design depends on which type of service or product you provide to your customers.

What Is Email Marketing

Email marketing is done using email marketing software, email list, email theme. With the help of email marketing software, you can also decide how many emails to send in a day or a week.

Friends, we all went to the extent of what is email marketing? What is eMail marketing done like? Now in the last, we know what are the benefits of marketing eMail?

Benefits of Email marketing

Friends email marketing has many advantages, whether it is that email marketing brings more visitors to your online store or traffic to your website or blog. Let's know one by one what is the benefit of eMail marketing?

1. Email marketing can be done in a very small amount compared to traditional marketing and it is very helpful with traditional marketing.

2. With the help of Email marketing, you can promote your product or service to more people in a very short time.

3. Email marketing is so easy with low cost that to do this you just need your laptop or computer, for this, you do not even need to go outside the house.

4. In Email marketing, you can identify your audience. This means that you can know in email marketing what is the age of your audience? What's it like Vagere-Vagere.

5. Whenever you do email marketing, then you can know how many people visited your website by clicking on your eMail? You can know exactly what someone bought from your store and more.

Friends, there are many other benefits of email marketing but that's it for now.